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Grief Coaching & Spiritual Healing with Barbara Friesen

Customized Package Rates are available.

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Grief Coaching - Introductory Session

Grief coaching is a unique style of coaching that focuses on creating a personal and supportive dialogue with you at whatever stage you are at in the grieving process. In a coaching relationship, you are in charge of your goals and as your coach I am your thought partner and guide. Together, we create a road map to navigate every step of your grieving process with specific tools designed to keep you moving forward step by step until you are ready to embrace your new beginning for as long as it takes.


Transformational healing -

Introductory Session

Transformational healing program for a specific challenge including: a health condition, emotional imbalance, relationship challenge, business, finances, or intelligence. This is a high level healing program individually designed for your specific needs.


Free consult included.


Packages available.

How do I know Grief Coaching is right for me?

Does this describe your experience?

  • You feel overwhelmed by grief

  •  You feel stuck and cannot move forward

  • There is no one you can talk to who understands what you are experiencing

  • You feel a sense of hopelessness

  • You worry that you will never recover

  • You feel like you no longer know who you are

  • You feel isolated and alone in your grief

How does it work? 

Your coaching session is unique to you and where you are in the grieving process. As your coach, I will work with you create a safe environment for you to tell your story, express your feeling and be gently guided to your next steps.
You will be asked some reflective questions designed to help me better understand what your are struggling with and where you may be stuck.
In every session, you will have a clear understanding of what next steps look like and you will have the practical tools to help you move gently forward.

I utilize Reiki healing to reduce emotional distress, anxiety, depression, hopelessness and fear.

Coaching sessions are most often conducted over the phone or on an online platform. Reiki sessions can be done in person or remotely. This allows for flexibility in making appointments and reduces costs by eliminating the need for travel and  the need for office space. The savings can be passed on to you.

Book a session below to get started with Barb!

Online Booking

If you would like to book, please email at

or call 604-258-8711
(long distance charges may apply)

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5 Myths about Grief

1. There is a correct way to get through grief

Grief doesn't follow a formula or a set of stages. 

The truth is, grief is very personal. Everyone's grief is unique to them and you cannot compare the depth of your grief to someone else's.

 The worst grief is the one you are experiencing right now and your pathway to healing will be unique to you.

2. It is important to get over it and get on with it.

The truth is  Most of us do not get over our grief, its always with us... but we can move forward, what is the difference? 

If you have lost a loved one, Moving on implies that you have left the person behind in order to resume your life, and for most of us that is just not acceptable.

 We want to continue to honour our loved ones, to remember them, we don't ever want them to be forgotten. 

What actually happens is that We learn to build a life around our grief and gradually the life we build around our grief becomes larger than our grief. 

 It happens slowly, by degrees, it is not necessarily smooth or consistent but over time there is a gradual shift and your new life starts to seem possible. 

3. Is surviving the best I can do?

Being a survivor suggests being a victim. When you think of yourself in this way I think you are suffering much more than you need to.  It is more difficult to move forward when you feel like a victim. A victim by definition is living in pain.

As you work your way through the grieving process you learn to walk alongside your grief until you are no longer engulfed by it.

 If you allow yourself to complete the grieving process, space is created to allow your new self to emerge when you are ready. 

4. Grieving just takes time

The truth is that time  itself does not heal you.  Just like you need an airplane to fly to Toronto, you will not get there by waiting at home.   

Healing needs to be intentional, it takes steps, it takes a plan and a road map and, yes, it takes time but time is not enough. 

Keeping busy does not heal you either. We live in a culture that honours business. If you are busier than you used to be before your loss, you might be finding ways to distract yourself rather than feeling your loss. And you have to feel in order to heal.

5. People want to be left alone to grieve

 A common misbelief is that people who are grieving want to be alone and not talk about their loss. Not so in my experience.

Grievers can feel isolated and abandoned by friends and family.

People worry that they will upset the grieving person if they talk about their loss but in my experience, grievers want to talk about their loss especially with people who knew their loved one.

And the flip side of that is some people want to be supportive, but they feel uncomfortable reaching out. It is very important to stay connected. Reach out if you know someone is grieving. If you have lost someone, keep talking to friends and family. Share stories and memories. It can be very healing.​

When a grieving person feels that someone hears and understands their pain it reduces their suffering and helps them feel connected.

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