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"With my fathers passing two years after my mothers, I found that I was not sad like people suggested I would be, but instead I was angry. I was not entirely sure what I was angry at, myself or my dad. Barbs questions regard my relationship with my father and later my mother and also explorations into my childhood began to unveil emotional traumas from my past. Coming to terms with those injuries and learning to forgive my parents for the past has enabled me to move on with their passing."


"Barb is an extremely powerful & experienced healer. She customizes her sessions to exactly what you need so that you get the best results. She is caring, nurturing, and really hears you. I'd recommend her to anyone looking to transform a stuck area in their life...she'll move you!"


A.J, Vancouver

"I was going through some major stress in my life when I went to see Barb.  Her gentle manner and caring approach were a great source of comfort.  Barb’s healing sessions made me feel more peaceful and calm. I highly recommend her services."

N.P, North Vancouver

"Barb has treated me with Reiki treatments for over a year now.  I have always felt relaxed and energized after her treatments and would recommend her to anyone.  She is always professional and is very knowledgeable when I ask her questions.  She has definitely helped me a lot and I feel that being able to receive her treatments through my cancer journey has helped immensely with my healing."

NW North Vancouver

"I attended weekly sessions of grief counseling with Barb. In the beginning I was holding anger and fear of facing loss. Barb helped through weekly meditation and homework to help me feel what I was feeling and accept it. I had to learn to let go of what angered me in my grieving. 

Barb helped me to understand where my pain and loss was coming from. I had no idea that I was following patterns in my life and that I was ‘stuck’. I learned about transitioning and how to stop old patterns. I found Barb to be an excellent grief coach. It’s difficult to face our feelings but am so appreciative now for these sessions."


J.G, Vancouver Island

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